Keianna Nicole is a Singer/Songwriter with a fiery passion for music.  Inspired by the sounds and style of the late Aaliyah Haughton and Selena Quintanilla, Keianna Nicole is striving to be the next household name. With a vocal range as high as Whitney Houston, and a falsetto as pure as Mariah Carey. This Alabama-born Songstress, relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2015. Showing the music industry she was silent no more. 

With a fiery passion for music, and powerful effortless tunes and a superstar image to follow. Keianna Nicole is said to be one of the greatest voices of all time. She takes her craft seriously, giving it her fullest efforts, focus and attention. It’s a work ethic which she credits to her father whom she considers to be the epitome of a discipline.  

Singing is her first and truest love. You’ll be blown away by her rendition of Minnie Riperton’s “Lovin’ You”. It’s a bull’s-eye when Keianna shoots her voice toward that high-pitched melody Minnie is known for in that song. She can also give you a baritone voice to the likes of Toni Braxton. The talent is clear. Not to mention that she is an excellent singer in the Spanish language as well.  

Currently in the making, is the Album called “Half of Me”.  Which include songs,”SandBox”,”When you kiss me” and “Private Dancer”. It is a romantically-themed EP which expresses a variety of relationship tales, from heart-ache to heart-throbbing and butterflies to when love bites. Just as Keianna Nicole's astrological sign represents a set of two, it being that of the Gemini, so too does the name of the Album represent the two sides of love. It also represents the two sides of the character(s) portrayed in the songs – the side which yearns for love and the other which fears the hurt that might come with it. The album is due to be released in 2018. A sure sign of Keianna Nicole's race to, and win at the top is her acceptance to perform at one of Atlanta's largest music festivals, the Sweet Auburn Music Festival. It boasts crowds upwards of 300,000 or more each year.  

"Never take life for granted," she says, "and live your best life!" Those are her guiding words and the greatest life lessons by which she lives. Stay tuned, there’s greatness in the making!